Sun Moon Stars Astrology offers a variety of readings, including the ones listed below in exchange for your generous donation. Much preparation and time goes into a reading, with all of the careful work being completed before the reading even begins. This results in a high quality and meaningful reading, providing great value to the recipient. For this reason your donation is taken when you schedule your session, to not only confirm your reading but to cover all of the work taking place prior to us actually meeting and talking. While a reading may be shorter if necessary, it is typical for one to run around 2 hours long. Also, with any reading you will receive relevant materials to take home and keep.


At a minimum, schedule your reading at least a week ahead of time. This will ensure that sufficient time can be given towards the preparation of your reading, in addition to giving it the attention it rightfully deserves. For your first reading with Sun Moon Stars, a proper natal chart reading is highly recommended, even if you’ve had one before. The only time a natal reading might not be recommended is if you feel you already have a good understanding of your natal chart. Natal readings are important because they reflect the actual themes that manifest throughout your life. Whichever readings you choose, when you are ready to set up your session, just click the Schedule a Reading link below.


Natal Chart Readings

Who are you? Why are you the way you are? Why have you experienced the things that you have? Who are you becoming? Astrology is a great means of exploring these questions and so much more. The way to begin is by looking at the positions of the stars at the time of your birth, which is what we do. The map of your stars, projected onto a big screen!

Approximately 2 hours long, includes charts and reports. $150


Compatibility / Synastry Readings

How well do you get along with another person? Where do you see eye to eye? Where do you view things differently? What can you both do to better understand one another? A synastry or compatibility reading is a great way to really understand the dynamic between two people. Whether lovers or friends or family members or coworkers or any relationship!

Approximately 2 hours long, includes charts and reports. $150


Yearly Forecast Readings

Looking to the future? Want to know what lies ahead? Is the near future a good time to chase your dreams or to get your affairs in order first? What should you look out for and what will be helping you along your path? A forecast reading is great for taking a look into the coming year and seeing how the cosmos will be affecting your experience in the time to come!

Approximately 2 hours long, includes charts and reports. $150


To set up your reading, just click:

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